Celebrating New Arrivals: The Ultimate Guide to Christening Gifts, Baby Shower Ideas & Children's Jewellery

Jun 25, 2024

The arrival of a new little one is a joyous occasion. Whether you're celebrating a christening, a baby shower, or simply want to find a special gift for a precious child, this guide has everything you need!

Finding the Perfect Christening Gift

Christenings are a beautiful way to welcome a child into a faith community. Traditional christening gifts often hold sentimental value for years to come. Here are some ideas for both boys and girls:

  • For Girls: Delicate bracelets or bangles with a touch of sparkle are always a popular choice. Look for designs featuring pearls, crosses, or birthstones for a personalised touch.
  • For Boys: Consider a simple silver cross necklace or a classic engraved locket.

Baby Shower Ideas to Impress the Parents

Baby showers are a time to shower the expecting parents with love and support. Here are some creative gift ideas that go beyond the basics:

  • Memory Keepsake Box: A beautiful box to hold precious keepsakes as the baby grows.
  • Personalised Clothing or Blanket: A cosy blanket or a cute outfit with the baby's name or initials.
  • High-Quality Baby Skincare Set: Gentle products perfect for a baby's delicate skin.

Adorable Children's Jewellery for Every Occasion

When it comes to children's jewellery, safety and comfort are paramount. Look for pieces made from hypoallergenic materials and with smooth finishes. Here are some charming options:

  • Baby Bangles: Expandable bangles in sterling silver or gold are a lovely keepsake that can grow with the child.
  • Delicate Bracelets: Simple bracelets with charms or birthstones add a touch of personality.
  • Children's Jewellery Sets: Matching necklaces and earrings can be a fun gift for a little fashionista (be sure they're age-appropriate).

Tips for Choosing Children's Jewellery (UK)

  • Safety First: Opt for pieces with secure clasps and avoid dangly charms for younger children.
  • Material Matters: Hypoallergenic materials like sterling silver or gold are best to avoid irritation.
  • Consider the Occasion: A christening might call for a more classic piece, while a birthday could be an opportunity for something more playful.

Making it Personal

Many jewellers offer engraving services, making your gift even more special. Consider adding the child's name, initials, or the date of the christening/birth for a truly unique touch.

With this guide, you're sure to find the perfect christening gift, baby shower surprise, or adorable piece of children's jewellery to celebrate a new arrival!

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